Kick off 2022 with January Fitness Bites – a 4 week online fitness programme of ‘Bitesize’ workouts that are scalable, fun, super effective + offer you complete FLEXIBLE FITNESS!

The programme starts on January 10th with 3 different levels.

Sweat + Go! (L1) This programme is for those who have been out of exercise for a while, coming back from injury or feeling a bit rusty.

Building Strength (L2) This programme is for those who completedSweat + Go ohave been previously been exercising.

Stronger Than Before (L3) This programme is for those who completed Festive Fitness Bites + want their next challenge!

After you have completed your 4 weeks, you will be have the option to move yourself up to the next level + challenge yourself further. The whole programme is only £29! All you need to do is sign up + take part. Lets make 2022 the year to prioritize you! 💗

What’s included?

💪4 week programme of ‘Bite Size’ online workouts that offers TOTAL FLEXIBLE FITNESS – can done in your own time, whenever, where ever!

💪Each week x3 workouts will be available to you, all under 15 minutes.

💪12 workouts in total designed to be done on their own as a ‘Fitness Bite’ or work together if you fancy a longer workout.

💪Workouts will be a combination of Cardio, Strength + Core using minimal equipment.

💪Video support with in-depth explanation on key exercises to ensure good form.

💪Community group with top tips, recipes + advice to keep you motivated + on track.

💪15 minute check-in chat with the trainer to check to discuss injury, issues or top tips.

As we move into midlife it’s important, we maintain a healthy heart, strong bones + a robust core, to optimize our health now + for our future!

The programme will focus on 3 areas.

  • Cardio – working the cardiovascular system with short pulse raising body weight exercises. There will be low impact options.
  • Strength – adding resistance with light/medium weights or bands to improve functional movement patterns, increase bone density + prevent osteoporosis. 
  • Core – to stabilize the core, flatten the belly + help prevent injury with improved alignment of the hips + lower back.

Whatever your level you start at, these SHORT EFFECTIVE workouts will fit in with your life, allow FLEXIBILITY + help keep you consistent. ITS WIN WIN…
Results – stronger, leaner, lighter, more mobile, energised + feeling awesome! 

What’s the format?

Every Monday morning at 6am x3 brand new workouts will be unlocked + waiting for you in your inbox, along with information on the exercises involved + the equipment you need. They will then be available for the remainder of the 4 weeks if you need to catch up or would like to repeat.

Workouts will be challenge you, but you can stop, pause + take it at your own pace.