Fitness Bites

Juggling work, family life + keeping on top of our health + fitness can be challenging. Lack of time is often cited as the biggest barrier when it comes to exercising. Few of us have hours to dedicate to working out! That’s why I designed Fitness Bites – an online programme offering Bitesize workouts that are short, scalable, fun, super effective + can be done anytime anywhere!

As we move into midlife + beyond, it’s important, we maintain a healthy heart, strong bones + a robust core, to optimize our health now + for our future longevity. The programme focuses on 3 areas that will help you get the most out of life! You will feel fitter, able to keep doing the things you love, less prone to injury, feel leaner, more mobile + stronger than you have ever felt before!

Cardio – working the cardiovascular system with short pulse raising blasts. A hot + sweaty cardio blitz to get the heart rate up. There are low impact options.

Strength – adding resistance with weights or bands to improve functional movement patterns, increase bone density + prevent osteoporosis. Great for improving definition + body shape.

Core – to stabilize the core, flatten the belly + help prevent injury with improved alignment of the hips + lower back. Fabulous for posture too!

When does it start?

FindurFit’s Monthly Fitness Bites are available to purchase now + will begin on Monday 10th October. Your first workouts will be unlocked at 6am along with your workout library, so you will be set + ready to go.

What’s the Programme? 

A monthly subscription to Fitness Bites – an online programme of Bitesize workouts that offer TOTAL FLEXIBLE FITNESS – quick workouts, that can done in your own time, whenever, where ever!

  • Each week x3 workouts be unlocked, all under 20 minutes. Workouts can be viewed on a tablet, phone or smart TV.
  • You will also have access to a ‘workout library’ for additional content, bonus classes + stretches.
  • Video support with in-depth explanation on key exercises to ensure good form.
  • An optional Community What’s App group with top tips, recipes + advice to keep you motivated + on track.
  • A 15 minute check-in chat with the trainer to check to discuss injury, issues or top tips.

Workouts will be challenging, but designed to suit all levels, with scaled options so you can take it at your own pace. They use basic equipment such as hand weights, resistance bands + skipping ropes along with chairs or steps you already have at home. There are also alternative options if these are unavailable!

The programme is only £19.99 a month to get access to your Fitness Bites + join a fun supportive community. You can cancel anytime. All you need to do is sign up + make it Bitesize!! 

Sarah x