Summer Fitness Bites

Do you find it hard to keep your fitness going throughout the summer holidays? Does routine go out the window with kids off school, juggling work + finding time?

Well, we’ve got you covered here at FindurFit!

Welcome to Summer Fitness Bites. A 6 week online programme of Bitesize workouts to help you feel fitter, leaner + stronger throughout the summer, offering you total flexibility whether you are on staycation or going further afield!

There is no need to exercise for hours! These short, focused, scalable workouts can be done anytime, anywhere + will help you make the most of the summer + feel your best.

When does it start?

FindurFit’s 6 Week Summer Fitness Bites are available to purchase now + will begin on Monday 11th July. Your first workout will be unlocked at 6am + the programme will run all the way through the holidays until the 4th September.

So what’s the programme?

  • A 6 week programme of ‘Bitesize’ workouts that can be taken on your holiday, done at home, or whenever is convenient to you.
  • Each week x3 workouts will be unlocked + available to you, all under 20 minutes + can be scaled to suit all levels.
  • The 18 workouts in total will be designed to be done on their own as a ‘Summer Bite’ or work together if you would like a longer workout.
  • Workouts will be a combination of Cardio, Strength + Core
  • There will be added bonus classes including breath work, stretches + yoga

Workouts will be challenging, but designed to be scaled to all levels, so you can take it at your own pace. Every Monday morning at 6am x3 brand new workouts will be unlocked, along with information on the exercises involved + the equipment you need.

Upon purchase the programme will be available for a total of 8 weeks, (we realise that life doesn’t always go according to plan!) so you have plenty of time to get them done!!

You will be supported along the way with a private FB group which you will be invited to join. You can share your progress, ask advice + be part of a supportive FindurFit community.

The whole programme is only £29! All you need to do is sign up + take part. Together we make the most of summer + feel amazing!

Lets go!!

Sarah x