Festive Fitness Bites

Do you want to end the year feeling fit + strong?

Do you want to end the year feeling fit + strong?

Do you want to hit the festivities feeling fabulous?

Do you want take part in a programme that is quick, effective + can work around your family life + commitments?


Introducing FindurFit’s 6 week Festive Fitness Bites!

Launching 1st November!

Following the success of Summer Bites, we are back again offering 6 weeks of ‘Bitesize’ workouts that are scalable, doable, fun, super effective + will leave you feeling awesome for those Christmas celebrations!

So what’s the programme?

  • A 6 week programme of ‘Bite Size’ workouts that offers total FLEXIBLE FITNESS – can be done in your own time, whenever, where ever!
  • Each week x3 workouts will be available to you, all under 15 minutes + suitable for all levels.
  • The 18 workouts in total will be designed to be done on their own as a ‘Festive Bite’ or work together if you fancy a longer workout.
  • Workouts will be a combination of Cardio, Strength + Core using minimal equipment.

As we move into midlife it’s important, we maintain a healthy heart, strong bones + a robust core, to optimise our health now + for the future. The programme will focus on 3 areas.

  • Cardio – working the cardiovascular system with short pulse raising body weight exercises.
  • Strength – adding resistance with light/medium weights or bands to improve functional movement patterns, increase bone density + prevent osteoporosis. 
  • Core – to stabilize the core, flatten the belly + help prevent injury with improved alignment of the hips + lower back.

If you have been out of exercise for a while this will help kickstart your fitness journey + get your back on track. If you run, play tennis, ski or do other activities, this will support you, help you stay injury free + improve your performance. Whatever your level, these SHORT EFFECTIVE workouts will fit in with your life, allow FLEXIBILITY + help keep you consistent. It’s WIN WIN

Results – strong, lean, light, more mobile, energised + feeling awesome!

What’s the format?Every Monday morning at 6am x3 brand new workouts will be unlocked, along with information on the exercises involved + the equipment you need. They will then be available for the remainder of the 6 weeks if you need to catch up or would like to repeat.

Workouts will be challenging, but designed to suit all levels, with scaled options so you can take it at your own pace.

The whole programme is only ยฃ35!

All you need to do is sign up + take part. Lets make the end of 2021 count + feel our best going into 2022!

“I’ve tried Sarah’s online fitness bites and now I can’t live without them! She’s friendly + upbeat – all exercises are scaled for your ability – I love the feeling of being stronger. Best of all is the flexibility and being able to workout when and where you want – short effective bursts are perfect for me!”

Ali, Kent Editor of Muddy Stilettos

“I loved this bitesize workout programme with Findurfit – it became an important part of my weekly routine to keep my fitness up during the Summer. I loved the fact I could do the workouts alone or together. They worked so well as a longer workout when I wanted or equally a quick few minutes when time was short! The exercises were challenging, but easy to scale and as always Sarah was really fun, motivating and I loved her different workout outfits!! I’m totally up for the next programme- itโ€™s so doable, keeps my fitness on track + fits into my busy work week.”

Estelle, COOK food

“My exercise routine usually completely falls apart during the holidays but Sarahโ€™s summer bites sessions were perfect for keeping me going! With warm ups, cool downs, a mix of strength, core and cardio + Sarahโ€™s motivating words it was all I needed and meant I could eat even more ice creams and not feel so guilty!”

Charlotte Interior Stylist + Writer