Add More Muscle in Midlife!

We hear a lot about adding muscle in midlife, but why is it important + what are the best ways of adding it?

Muscle is our organ of longevity. After around age 30 we can lose 3-5% muscle per decade. Imagine muscle as our body armour, keeping us strong, protecting our bones + helping our bodies to function as efficiently as possible!

Here are 4 ways we can add more muscle in midlife ⬇

1 Add strength training to your week. In order to actually build muscle we need to stimulate it! Weights, bands + resistance will help add ‘stress’ to our muscles + encourage growth. Unfortunately this does not happen over night! We need to consistently stimulate the muscles in order for them to lay down more muscle fibre + help them to grow. Bodyweight exercises, yoga, pilates etc do count as strength training, but the more resistance you add the more you will encourage growth, so adding weights such as dumb bells is a good way to help stay strong. Big compound exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts use multiple muscle groups + with resistance added, are an excellent way to maintain + add muscle.

2 Add protein to every meal! We want to aim for approx 1g of protein per 1kg of body weight. I don’t count my protein intake, but I do ensure each meal is high in protein. A good option is to work out 4-5 meals + breakfasts that you know hit the protein target + rotate them. Having a protein powder is also a good way to fill any gaps + ensure you are getting sufficient protein. Good sources of protein are Organic meat, Greek yoghurt, soya, eggs, tofu, seeds/nuts + various grains such as quinoa. See my chart below as a helpful guide to getting enough protein – you can print it off + stick it on your fridge!

3 Factor in good rest + recovery. A good nights sleep will help the body repair + allow muscle growth.

4 Make sure your snacks also contain a good amount of protein, particularly post workout to aid repair + recovery. I tend to go for a protein smoothie for ease using Form protein powder. I also enjoy a banana with a spread of almond butter + sprinkling of seeds or some oat cakes + hummus.

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