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Get the most out of exercising at home!
Say goodbye to expensive busy gyms + get yourself exercising from the comfort of your own home! I personally love the fl...
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One thing to do for yourself this month!
Fabulous to feature in this week's Muddy Stilettos Kent about finding time in September to prioritise YOU! My top tip is...
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Here are my top 10 Fitness myth busters to arm you with some basic knowledge to workout with confidence!
A caprese salad with a hearty twist using Queen Butter Beans from Bold Bean Co - perfect as a lunch with a slice of sour...
Here are 7 benefits to incorporating a more Mediterranean diet in midlife!
So you have started your fitness journey + want to make sure all that hard work is paying off! Exactly like you would mo...
These magic shell yoghurt pots make a perfect high protein breakfast or snack
The summer is here + it’s the perfect time to increase our NEAT! But what is NEAT + why is it so important in midlife?
Low sugar granola using coconut oil, apple juice + maple syrup to sweeten
Plyometrics training also known as jump training involves quick explosive movements designed to increase speed + power, ...
Protein is great for weight management, feeling fuller for longer, balancing blood sugar + building muscle. I find this ...
Here are my top 10 myth busters to arm you with some basic knowledge to workout with confidence.
We hear a lot about adding muscle in midlife, but why is it important + what are the best ways of adding it?
When it comes to getting fitter + stronger in midlife, we need to consider our total wellbeing! Total wellbeing refers t...
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