7 Tips on Staying Active Over the Holidays!

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year! It can feel overwhelming juggling family, festivities + fun - fitness can often slip down the priority list! There is nothing worse then starting a new year feeling blurgh from over indulgence + not moving enough. Check out my tips on exercising during the holidays!

7 Tips On Staying Active Over The Holidays!

  1. Plan – look at the week ahead + find your slots when you can get some exercise in. Work out what type of exercise – it is a run, a walk, a stretch or a strength workout? Christmas is an extremely busy time, but there is always the opportunity to find a few minutes. Treat it like a work meeting or an arrangement with a friend that cannot be missed!
  2. Set Your Alarm - Use your phone to set alarms as a reminder of your workout slot. This can help keep you accountable + ensure you don't forget!
  3. Nourish + hydrate yourself well – With rich foods over the Christmas period it is even more important to ensure you eat well, keep on top of your protein + keep hydrated. This will help you feel less sluggish + more motivated to exercise!
  4. Set Realistic Goals – consider what is really realistic over the next few weeks + stick to it! If you have more time + you fit in some extra exercise, that’s a bonue! Don’t set the bar too high…as ever shorteffectiveworkouts are key to consistency.
  5. Commit to the Warm Up Rule - On days when you're not feeling motivated, commit to just a warm up. 2-3 minutes of moving your body is sometimes enough to get you in the zone + complete the workout.
  6. Get Enough Sleep – our sleep can get really disrupted in the holiday season. If you are sleep deprived then you are less likely to want to exercise. Find a balance with those late nights + ensure you can catch up on sleep to help with recovery + energy levels.
  7. Remember your Why? – Take time to reflect on why you want to stay active. Is it to boost your mood, weight management, creating good daily habits, a specific goal or longevity? Consider scribbling them down in your diary or a post it note on the fridge. Visual goals can serve as powerful reminders when motivation wanes.

 If you are keen to stay active over the holiday season, why don't you consider trying my 9Workouts9Minutes series. They are short an effective + will really help you arrive in January feeling set for the New Year ahead!

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