The Power of Bodyweight

Bodyweight exercises are so effective. Here are 5 reasons why!

  1. They help to build up technique + perfect movement patterns. Unless you are confident your form is good, it is best to start with just bodyweight + build up to using weights.
  2. They are great for complete beginners or those new to strength training. It is unrealistic for many women to get to a gym + lift heavy weights. You need to know what you are doing or work with a personal trainer otherwise you could sustain injury. Bodyweight exercises are brilliant for home workouts + can be done anywhere, making them easy to remain consistent.
  3. They can be super challenging! Think of exercises like push ups, pulls ups, pistol squats - nail 10 of these + then tell me you are not building muscle!!
  4. Bodyweight can also be used in isometric exercises like planks where you are working against gravity. Again tough + great for wrist strength too.
  5. And finally brilliant for introducing power - burpees, squat jumps are all great for bone strength in midlife as they stress the bones encouraging more bone mass to be laid down.

Whilst I love using weights, I am a huge fan of bodyweight exercises. There is so much you can do at home to increase your strength + build muscle, which is why I incorporate them into my FITNESS BITES every single week!

If you want to learn more about bodyweight exercises + how FITNESS BITES can help you, get in touch - I would love to chat!

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