7 Benefits to a Mediterranean Diet in Midlife

Here are 7 benefits to incorporating a more Mediterranean diet in midlife!

A Mediterranean diet typically includes lots of fruit + vegetables, leafy greens, beans, berries, tomatoes +avocados.

Whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa + oats. Lots of healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts + seeds. A little diary. Lots of delicious herbs + spices such as oregano, garlic + rosemary. A limited amount of fish + lean protein.

The key is to emphasize it is plant-based foods using olive oil as a primary fat source. There has certainly been a trend to move our diet this way. As a vegetarian for over 40 years, this way of eating has certainly suited me + I try to include as little processed food as possible + adopt a lot of whole foods instead.

However, we are a time poor society, so it is not always easy when juggling work, children + busy lives - plus finding fresh, pesticide free + nutrient dense foods comes at a high cost + isn't always readily available!

But moving in this direction can certainly provide lots of benefits. Here are 7 pretty convincing ones!

1. Heart Health - studies show it can help lower the risk of heart disease, cholesterol levels, blood pressure + inflammation.

2. Cognitive function - proved to be great for brain health + reduce cognitive decline.

3. Weight management - whole nutrient dense foods can help maintain + even lose weight particularly during perimenopause.

4. Diabetes prevention - whole grains, legumes + healthy fats may lower type 2 diabetes.

5. Reduced risk of chronic diseases, cancers + conditions like metabolic syndrome.

6. Gut health - high in fibre from fruits, veg + whole grains can help promote a health gut microbiome.

Coupled with exercise a more Mediterranean diet can help with feeling more energised + relieve symptoms of perimenopause. Do you feel you are eating more like this? What do you feel are the barriers? I would love to hear your feedback!

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